The purpose of our online training manual is to provide access to all the "hows" to design/development or update our clients' Web sites. This site includes Toolbox, Teacher Sites, Interactive Calendars, WebStore, SalesForce, and any other systems or programs that we might develop. If you're ever in doubt as to where you might find what you're looking for, please use the search function.

Through the use of hyperlinks, you can click on the tab that best fits your role to find the answers you need. Please let us know if there is information that needs to be added or if you feel that the instructions provided are not clear. We will make sure that you get the information that will help you "delight" our clients.

If you're a new member of our School Webmasters team, Welcome! Please begin by checking out the New Hire Info in the Quick Links area at the left. Be sure to access all three pages, and complete all of the forms as you go. We look forward to working with you!

Our Mission

We Delight Our Clients

Our mission is to have delighted clients. This means we are keeping our promises, being trustworthy, and exceeding expectations whenever possible. Our tag line is "Your school's communication resource," and that means we will provide our clients with the resources and skillsets to improve all levels of communication with their shareholders (parents, students, and community). We look beyond their basic expectations and make their sites shine and improve their brands and reputations through improved communication. Whether this is through creative, innovative design and development; flawless copywriting; or current, informative, and attractive sites, we'll be behind the scenes making their websites a source of pride and success.

We Empower Our Contractors

We want to provide each of you with the virtual workplace where you can create, contribute, and achieve your own professional and personal goals. We hire responsible, dedicated people who have personal integrity. They keep their promises which allows School Webmasters to keep its promises as well. We are striving to become the place where talented, independent professionals are proud to work, and we are always looking for ways to make your jobs more rewarding. We hope you'll let us help you achieve your personal goals--and those are as varied as the individuals who work with us!

We Grow Our Marketshare

We truly believe that what we offer is beyond what our competitors provide. Beyond developing a website, we stick with our clients day in and day out, helping them keep their sites informative and professional. This "niche" market is not something offered by our competitors, and it is what small and mid-sized districts need to maintain effective sites. As schools adopt Web technology and then realize that keeping it current and professional is quite challenging, we will be there for them. We expect our growth to be gradual but steady as the quality and professionalism we provide becomes known!